Privacy Policy | Fighting Back From Disorder

Please review the license terms before installing Fighting Back From Disorder for Windows, Android and iOS or play it on the web

We (Aggression4Fun) do not collect any trackable user information or send it to others.

Only the IP from your network provider is registered for advertising purpose and bug reports, this will be removed in 30 days.

Share results and game score

When you give permission, the results and score in the game will be posted on your Facebook timeline when you click on the "SHARE" button in the game.

This will be done with the Facebook Dialog so you have full control. Nothing will be send without your permission.

The Facebook Dialog is an secure option for posting score results on your timeline without unexpected things.

For more info about the game go to Aggression4Fun at or


Modified on 12-Okt-2014 by RD Games, credits to Aggression4Fun.